We help you reach your production goals using the power of technology and creative media design.

We partner with individuals, businesses, organizations, schools, sports venues, churches and more to help them deliver the best experiences to others by offering consultation, setup, live production teams, and hands-on training of advanced media and tech solutions.

Our goal is to equip you to reach your goals. We can provide expert advice or help when it comes to branding, graphics, social media, video, live sound, lighting, and much more. Contact us to find out more.

We are based in Gainesville, FL but we travel nationally for remote projects.

We specialize in customizing installations, providing professional event production teams, and providing training on specific equipment and software to raise your production value. We specialize in solutions for:

  • Audio and music
  • Visual projection
  • Live-streaming
  • Stage, house, and theatre-style lighting
  • Brand identity/graphic design

If you don’t see the service you need, contact us. This is by no means an exhaustive list; and each project has its own requirements. We can help you identify what those might be and develop a plan to meet them.

No! We help companies and organizations of all sizes and categories come up with effective ways to use media and technology to reach their specific goals. We specialize in helping churches, and that’s where we got our start, but we’ve since branched out to provide our services to others.

We can provide a free quote and consultation for your project. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s get started!

Phone: +1 833 372 9924
Email: ian@hazzard.io

The Right Amount of Help

Levels of Involvement


If your setup isn’t meeting your needs now, we’ll identify the pain points and then consult with you to identify specific areas that need improvement.​


We can help you come up with a highly customized plan that is structured to fit your goals, budget, production team size, and any other specific needs.​


You are welcome to install the equipment on your own or have our experienced integrators place the equipment and “connect the cables” for you.​


In the end, we want you to feel comfortable with your setup. We can thoroughly train you on any equipment that we recommend or install. While our setups are designed to be user friendly, this can add some extra confidence and peace of mind.

Meet the Team

President & Project Manager

Ian Hazzard

Ian has been in the visual design & software development industry for 5 years. He is dedicated to quality and making intentional decisions that improve the effectiveness of your company brand or event venue. He is also a worship leader and music director with lots of experience in audio setup and best practices.

Creative Designer

Jonathan Simons

Jonathan has a passion for discovering and creating beauty with excellence, inspired by the design he sees in God’s creation. He has 6 years of live event production experience and has worked with multiple churches and campus ministries, which include the UF+SFC BCM in Gainesville, FL and Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA.

Media Content Director

Noah Wilburn

Noah is a visionary, with a unique ability to spot issues and come up with solutions. He uses media content creation to help businesses and special events tell their stories in the most impactful way possible. Noah runs his own business, I AM Creative, out of Gainesville, Florida.